LLFB Docs #30 by Lloret Free Byte [web]

Short:        DOCS LLFB #30 (spanish diskmag) [1/6]
Author:       dardo@iponet.es (Dardo/LLFB)
Uploader:     dardo iponet es (Dardo/LLFB)
Type:         demo/mag
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

  For installation (the first disk --main program--):

    - Format a blank disk (OFS/SFS) with the name "Docs1"
      & make bootable, with Install command for example.
    - Create the C, DEVS (& DEVS/Printers), L and S drawers.
    - Unpack the .lha file in this disk
      (others drawers will be created).
    - From your Workbench disk, copy into "Docs1" disk...
      * the Setpatch & FastMemFirst commands in C drawer.
      * the parallel.device (or serial.device) and printer.device
        in DEVS drawer
      * your printer driver in DEVS:Printers/ (default: Generic).
      * the Disk-Validator (WB <=1.3), Port-Handler
        & Ram-Handler (WB <= 1.3) in L drawer.
      * the diskfont.library & iffparse.library in LIBS directory.

  This disk contains the executable.
  The others disks contain the articles and an editor.



              Editorial                           Fanatic
              Cartas                              Radio-TV
              Enredos                             Cine
              Delta                               Espace Opera
              Amiga                               M·sica
              Anuncios                            HIFI
              PC                                  Deporte
              Mac                                 Foto
              Consolas                            Art
              Argentina                           Rol
              Lech≤n Rulez                        Motor
              Copon King                          Cocina
              Relatos                             Eco
              Poesφa                              Coras≤n
              Teatro                              Dok
              Libros                              Sexo
              Comic                               Viajes


Legal notes:


   Coding & montage
   Copyright ⌐ Lobo/LLFB

   Helping coding

   Graphics, fonts & coordination
   Copyright ⌐ God/LLFB

   Helping graphics

   Magazine music (module "A bit of anime")
   Copyright ⌐ NUKU▓ / Future Brain

   AMOS by Franτois Lionet

   ADD21KB by ????

   ReqTools library by ⌐ 1991-94 Nico Franτois &
                         1995-96 Magnus Holmgren