the player 6.1a by Sahara Surfers

Short:    Bugfix for the popular converter and replayer "The Player 6.1A"
Author:   NoName,Platon42,Tolkien,The Dark Coder
Uploader: darkcoder@supereva.it (The Dark Coder)
Type:     mus/misc

                      The Player 6.1A 610.6 / 25.07.04
                      Copyright 1992-95 Jarno Paananen
                            Guru / Sahara Surfers
                        A Sahara Surfers Product 1995
      Fixed 1998-04 by NoName, Platon42, Tolkien and The Dark Coder     

New in 610.6
        Fixed a bug in P61_Init (opt020 mode)