IIC '94 Invitation by Spinning Bugs

Italian Intro Contest 1994
Intro invitation

  386 or greater CPU
  VGA or 100% compatible graphics card
  SB, SBPro, or 100% compatible sound card

1st part: Menu
  Select with arrow keys your correct setup
  Press [Enter] to star the Intro

2nd part: Scroll
  Scroll a 1280x200x256 image.... delayed...
  It scroll for four times, then exit
  Press [Esc] if you dislike (this operation format your HD)

3rd part: Picture with information
  Press Up and Down Keys to scroll the text...
  Sorry, but the scroll is quite orrible.... it isn't a scroll :)
  Press [Esc] to exit...

Coded by Spinning Bugs in 1994, using:
  Borland TASM, Borland Pascal, Autodesk 3DStudio, Dr. Track, Scream Tracker 3,
  Autodesk Animator, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Link, Stmik020.
  Missing someone?

Thanks go to:
Psi: we are using your Stmik....
Elmore: painted last picture
Our Mummies: providing food...
C. Destivelle: you are GREAT!

Do you want to contact Spinning Bugs?
Ah! You're fool! 
If you're sure, look for Safe Exit BBS, CDN 94:770/301, ++39-2-9245206