Psycho Scroller by Craw Productions

Psycho Scroller by PsychoMan / Craw Productions
Requirements:   - Computer with monitor
                - DOS 1.0 or higher (NOT Win95 DOS-box)
                - One cluster of free disk space
                - At least 256 bytes of free conventional memory

Features:       - Incredible unidirectional 1-level parallax scrolling
                - Extra-long scroll text with greets and credits section
                - Full framerate, even on a 286!


        Concept         - PsychoMan
        Art/Design      - PsychoMan
        Code            - PsychoMan
        Scroll Text     - PsychoMan


        Matju           - For telling me that my first entry sucked
        Mordred         - For greeting me in "Inter Stellar Phenomenon" :)


        Run this demo at your own risk!  I will not be responsible for
        any damage caused to your hardware or software as a result of
        running this demo.

        This demo may not be exchanged for money, goods, or services
        without permission from the author.

        This demo does not contain any animations.  All effects were
        calculated in real time by your computer while you watched.

About this demo:

        It was July 25th, the deadline day for the TechsTronics 256-byte
        demo compo, and I had to come up with a second entry FAST!
        So, there I was at work, when the software I was using crashed.
        With nothing to do, I decided to throw something together.
        A few minutes later, I had "Psycho Scroller".  And that's it.


        "Hey, all it says is "Psycho Scroller by PsychoMan"!
         There isn't even any scrolling!"
        "Hey, it just hangs my machine!"

        DO NOT run this demo in a Win95 DOS-box.  It requires the vertical
        retrace to time itself properly and it will NOT run at the proper
        speed without it.

About the author:

        PsychoMan is a member of the super-duo known as Craw Productions.
        This was my second lame attempt at a demo under 256 bytes.

        If you want to give me feedback about this demo or just say hi, you
        can contact me by e-mail to manttila@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca.

        If you want to know more about my not-so-personal life and my other
        interests (like I have any other interests), feel free to visit my
        web page at http://www.undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca/~manttila/

About Craw Productions:

        This is not an official Craw Productions release, merely one of
        PsychoMan's many small side projects.

        However, if you want to know more about Craw Productions, please
        visit our newly-renovated web site at http://www.magi.com/~craw/
        or e-mail to craw@magi.com.