a.D.D.i.c.t. 2 Intro Pack by Conspiracy [web]

Due to popular demand and the fact that we're basically
done using this tool we're releasing the datafiles for
the most known intros made with it. The current (and
pretty much the last) version of the tool is included
with all the previously locked features available
except for the export of the special file format we use
in the actual exe files. Now you can look at how the
following intros were created:

The 4players.de teaser
Beyond - (1st @ SOTA 2004)
Binary Flow - The Assembly 2005 invitation (1st @ Breakpoint 2005)
Buenzli 13 invitation (3d at Scene Event 2004)
Chaos Theory (2nd at Assembly 2006)
Memento (2nd at Breakpoint 2006)
Saturday Night Scener (1st at Breakpoint 2004)
The Prophecy - Project Nemesis (1st at Assembly 2004)

The wavwriters for these intros can be found in the
Data/Musics directory.

Please note that the fact that this is the last version
of the tool does by far not mean that it's bugfree. Most
of the issues from the previous versions are still there,
so you will probably experience heavy memory leaks and
occasional crashes.
Also the documentation has not been updated so you'll have
to explore the unlocked/new features for yourself if you
want to use the tool to whatever aim.

Some of these features include:
Multiple selection/moving and copying of timeline events
Jpeg/gif/tga/bmp/wmf/emf support in the texgen
waveform support in the spline editor

We hope this satisfies the curiosity of those of you who
asked about our intros, any feedback is welcome at