Luminati by Tran

        Welcome to Luminati (a.k.a. Ambience 2 (a.k.a. Timeless 3))...

Main stuff:

  Well, I was being my normal lazy self, when suddeny, ye olde inspiration
monster bit me. After not really doing much on the PC for quite a bit of time,
I dug out a bunch of stuff and started working on a new demo. I knew exactly
what I wanted from the start, and pretty much worked consistently to arrive
at what you have now. It is nothing technically amazing, nor really terribly
original, but it is (in my opinion) quite pretty. It is intended for Pentium
class machines, so you have no right to whine if you run it on anything less.

  The demo uses the same high refresh video mode for high color as Ambience.
There is also stuff from Timeless and Ambience in there. I admit this freely
because the point of this thing is to look really nice, and after all, I am
the second laziest person on the face of this universe (mind you, I say only
THIS universe, I have no idea how lazy people are in other planes of
existence). There! On the ceiling, do you see them? The cosmic fluffies!


  Design, Code, and Grafix:
    Tran (me).

    Basehead / FM
    email: bh@axs.net

  Music replay routines:
    Daredevil and Starscream.

    The music is meant for a 512k GUS really, so you people with SB's can
    not complain.


  /A - Turns off silhouette animations.
  /B - Turns off backgrounds. (Why would you want to do this?)
  /C - Shows the credit screen at the end of the demo.
  /E - Turns off a layer of animations, giving you half as many as normal.
  /S - Skips the soundcard setup screen and uses the last selection.


  ESC	- Exit the demo.
  UP	- Increase monitor frequency.
  DOWN	- Decrease monitor frequency.
  LEFT	- Move the screen up a bit.
  RIGHT - Move the screen down a bit.
  F1	- Changes background effect #1.
  F2	- Changes background effect #2.
  F3	- Changes the palette of background effect #1.
  F4	- Changes the palette of background effect #2.
  F5	- Changes silhouette animation #1.
  F6	- Changes silhouette animation #2.
  F7	- Changes silhouette animation #3.
  F8	- Changes silhouette animation #4.
  F9    - Toggles backgrounds.
  F10   - Toggles animations.
  F11	- Toggles extra layer of animations.
  F12   - Toggles automatic background changes.


  Fellow traveller in the shadow of life: Upon the gaunt spires of despair,
let not your spirit be rent, but frolic in those shades of dreams misplaced.
Blazes a midnight sun of agony sweet, and the morning star of blackest hope.
Lament not, but embrace these beacons of damnation and accept the illusory
truth. Partake the nectar of indifferent solice, which ebbs through all the
darker places of our being, and make your life's blood of pain. For truly,
who has suffered that has not lived.

  But enough of this serenade to the human condition, gloom and doom do not
grow on trees. Life sucks, existance is phantasm, and the truth is not. I must
now get on with my lack of reality. I will do in this text what I have not
done before. I am after all ... ick ... human (after a fashion), and prey to
all the vices thereof. So I will give you an address where you can send me a
nice letter telling me how much you hated this little demo thingy. I do not
know how long I will be at this particular place, I tend to float where fancy
leads, but I should be here for at least the immediate future. And remember,
I do not answer (for the sole purpose of being rude).

        Thomas Pytel
        307 Wall st.
        Kalamazoo, MI 49001

  Enough is too much, and this is more than, still. You have come to the end
of this doc. Enjoy the demo, or don't, or whatever turns you on, I don't care.
And remember, you're wrong.