light by Illi Recentes ImperatoreS

                  _____  _____________  ____   ____________
                 /)    \/)            \/)   \ /)           \
                //\     \\_______      \\    \/\    _______/_sr/prc
        _______ /  \     \  _____)     / \    \ \            \ _______
       /\       \   \     \/\         /__ \    \ \________    \       \
      /  \_______\   \     \ \           \ \    \/ /           \ ______\
      \  /\       \   \     \ \    \\     \ \    \/\            \       \
       \/  \_______\   \_____\ \___/ \____/  \____\ \___________/________\
        \  /        \  /     / /  /  /   /\  /    / /          /         /
         \/__________\/_____/\/__/ \/___/  \/____/\/__________/_________/

                               P r e s e n t s

                                  - LIGHT -

IRIS is proud to present LIGHT at the MekkaSymposium 2001 demoparty in
Fallingbostel, Germany. 

As we write this text, the deadline is 2 hours away, and of course the demo
isn't finished yet.. We are optimistic however, and in any case we have to
start on the endscroller now, if we don't want to be delayed.. 

So, first thing up are the complete credits...

Cupid did the fullframe turbofloors, the voxelscape, the trollcluster, the
caleidoscopic effect, this endscroller and the demosystem. Ransom did the 
starting part of the demo, the welding IRIS symbol part, realtime tunnel, 
creditspart and he is the one responsible for slaving this demo together. 
TrickTrax did the zooming textures and the layercube. 

Cupid did the IRIS logo, the Light logo and this fine picture of TrickTrax
you can see here. Matarazzo did the Sussie with Dolphins picture, and the
Angry Man (tm).

Nutman did the maintune, which was entitled Close Encounters. TrickTrax did
the tune you are listening to now, called Skubidubab. 

Ok, and a warm HELLO goes out to all the sceners present here at the MS
party. Respect to the C64 sceners still hanging on and doing great things,
respect to the Amiga sceners, who remain and keep on using their time to be
creative in our scene, while others fade away, and yes, even a little
respect to PC sceners, for being sceners wanting to produce great stuff for
that computer (but hey.. Ahemm, C64 and Amiga are much nicer scene
machines). Basically we love you all. In a platonic, non-physical way of

Next thing up, part of the reason that this demo is entitled LIGHT, and
part of the reason for the text in the start, is that just before MS, 3 of
our members have decided to quit IRIS and the SCENE. This is quite sad, it
leaves the rest of us without their valued company and support, and it
leaves the scene a poorer place. While we hope to rescue some of them from
the clutches of darkness, we still want to give them RESPECT for being
there for us when we needed them in the past. This demo is dedicated to you
3, although we hope you can come back, back into the light...


Respect and warm goodbyes!

released april 2001