TeX-mas Intro by Coolgirls

                    Coolgirls are proud to present...
               ...after a long time the new TeX-mas intro.

True Story:
...at the starting of december I (Sandra) was full of awaitings for a holiday
   after Christmas with my boyfriend, which should be somewhere in mountains...
...Christmas are here and my boyfriend didn't even call for the last two 
...two days after Christmas I've got an SMS from him, that he has found a new 
   girlfriend. This is the worst day in my life. Nothing seemed to give any 
   sense. I had to call Timea, my best friend, my last support. She told me to 
   come over and to spend the time with her.
...On friday (27th december of 2002) I'm arriving to Timea's house... She told 
   me that it would be great to visit a techno party in T-club to get away from 
   my problems...
...The party was totally great, we had the best fun for the last half year. And 
   also some inspiration arrived to our heads for this intro...
...at 05:00 AM when we arrived from T-club to Timea's house and we decided that
   when we wake up, we will code this...
...at 02:00 PM we woke up and started to code...
...at 00:30 AM we stopped coding and left house for another wild party in 
...at 05:30 AM we came back home from techno party and we were working one hour 
   on intro to kick it to the final end...........and this is it.

We know that we could done it bit better (better synchronization with music) 
but we had no more time and also we were doing it just for pure fun and not for 

Used software:
AniPlayer 2.21
DevPac 3.10
DHS demo-system
ESC-Paint 0.72
Papilon 3.00
PixArt 4.52
Smurf 1.05
UPX 1.24a

Required configuration:
 Falcon 030 with 14MB RAM
 VGA or RGB monitor

   We send greets to all our friends over internet who sent so much e-mails to 
us with their support to us. We're sorry that we have no time to reply to your 
e-mails but they've made us happy and are a sing of your respect to us, they 
are a big moral support.

Notes to the greetings:
   We send our greets to CiH; we want let you know that we are Coolgirls and we
have nothing to do with Satantronic. You are very wrong if you think that we 
won't release anything else after our first intro - this is a proof.
   We were very disappointed by the reactions of Moondog and Paranoid in 
UCM - you've lost all our sympathies.
   We're looking forward to EIL 3 where you can see us and where we will 
release one big surprise.
        						Yours Timea and Sandra