Marbles by T.O.Y.S. [web]


Well here it is the game I made at IMP7.

It is a clone of Loose the marbles that comes with the PLUS!
package of Windows98. I found the original quite fun and so
I sat down and coded it in STOS. It works and gives scores.
And that is about it.

It works on STfm/STe/f030 and probably TT just be sure to set
the resolution to ST low before running. Since it is STOS it 
will not be gentle to your falcon after you quit, so you better

Game idea:
To line up three or more marbles of the same color in the
middle row and thereby make then explode. More marbles drops
to the board all the time and the goal is the keep the board 
from getting full for as long as possible.

left/rigth: move column marker left and right.
up/down: move marked column up and down (If possible).
Insert/ClrHome: rotate middle row left and right.
Space: same as Insert
Q: Quit.

I hereby declare Marbles totalyfree-ware. The source is included
as well as the executable. Do whatever you want with it. No need
to give anything in form of credits, donations or whatsoever
(not even a thought) to me what ever you might want to do with it.
I may not be blamed for anything that happens to your computer, or
any other property as a result of use or misuse of Marbles.

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