q[r]cov by Industry [web] & Pas Maters [web]

Short   : Q[r]COV - intro contribution to Flag2001
Uploader: cyborg@indus3.org (cYBORG/iNDUSTRY)
Type    : demo/intro
Requires: AmigaOS 3.x + AGA/CGX/P96

                                PAS MATERS 

                         television presentation 

                                 gives you

                        intro released at Flag2001

                           :::   Q [r] COV   :::

            Programming by .............. Cyborg / iNDUSTRY
	    Graphics and music by ....... iLke / Pas Maters
            C2P routines by who else than ..... Kalms / TBL
	    P61A replayer by ........ Guru / Sahara Surfers

 There are several tooltypes/cli arguments possible to use in this intro:

   AGA - forces AGA usage instead of CGX/P96 
   WINDOW - watch intro in window under CGX/P96
   PUBSCREEN - set desired screen name to open window on it
   SCREENMODE - run intro on selected screenmode 
   (press Shift key while starting intro instead of using this tooltype)
   NOFRONTSCREENCHECK - disable frontmost screen checking (try Amiga+M)
   LIMITFPS - limit FPS to desired value 

  Greetings to all the people who were at Flag2001. See you next year ;)



                     available @ http://www.indus3.org