Oric Giga Demo by Defence Force [web] & NeXT [web]

ORIC DEMO - VIP3 Party version (No Sound)

About this version:
This is the Oric demo that won (well we were the only ones in the OldSkool 
compo) the OldSkool compo at the VIP 3.

Due to technical problems, we are unable to make this version works with the 

How to run it:
This version is autobooting.

Well, right now, you just have to do the following:

1) First, you need to be sure that the files are in one single folder called
"ORICVIP3" that is located at the root of the "C:" drive. If it's not the
case, it will not run. This version of the emulator is stripped to down to a
minimum, if you want to install it somewhere else, you'll have to change the
path references in the "euphoric.ini" and "r.bat" files.

2) Run the "C:\ORICVIP3\R.BAT" file. 
This will run the emulator, press any key after the detection of devices,
and look at the emulator boot on the DSK file.

3) When you see the intro, press SPACE to launch the demo.

4) Just look and appreciate. There is no music, that's normal. At the end, 
the demo is turning in infinite loop, so just press F10 to quit the emulator.
Good luck.

Jede (code, loader, website, data integration)
Twilighte (code, music, picture conversion)
Dbug (code)
??? (logos)
Kouiskas (defence force logo in Disc part)
Exocet (monochrome picture)
Various people (greetings logos)

Some stats for the demo:
64 files taken 273894 bytes
Duration: 7 mn 10 s
Note : keyboard is active during the demo !!! 10% of CPU time lost !!!

To contact us:
	- jede@ifrance.com
	- http://www.oric-international.com
	- arc@twilighte.freeserve.co.uk
	- http://www.twilighte.freeserve.co.uk/twinew/rhetoric/rhetoric.htm
	- dbug@defence-force.org
	- http://www.defence-force.org
	- http://www.defence-force.org/computing/oric/index.htm