Tsunami by Kiirala

4k intro by kiirala
Released at Assembly 2007

Platform: Linux on x86_64
Requires libSDL (tested with 1.2.11)

Unlike last year, I'm trying to release versions for other platforms too,
so you who haven't put their money on 64-bit AMD rig, would have chances
to watch this too. Linux/x86 at least. I'll probably post other versions
and source code to my summer project blog at http://fedev.blogspot.com/

Still not much point here. Some pretty colours and odd shapes. Enjoy.

Greets go to
DiamonDie for name and some ideas
ankkalaps & lemonade
People at Inkscape project - sorry guys, but I decided to ditch the parts I
created with Inkscape. I've included a screencap of what it could've been.
Freshmen at Helsinki University department of Computer Science - yes, I'm
one of your tutors.
(Sorry, cramming these inside the intro would have eaten too many of my
precious bytes.)

Contact me: kiirala @ IRCnet / niko@kiirala.com
It's more fun to compute.