Stylee by Nano [web]

       64k stylee @ Asm'01
                   by Nano

             code:  Dairos
             music: Stonda
             3d:     Teppo

           TinyPTC: Gaffer
       MXMPlay: Elitegroup
   UPX: Markus Oberhumer &
             Laszlo Molnar

         All textures were
   generated using our own
          new cool texgen.

  Started coding seriously
   less than a week before
  Assembly, and here's the

     No 3d acceleration is
      used, so a very fast
               computer is

We have still 7k left, but
no ideas how to fill them.
 I guess it's ok and quite
             finished now.

 A tip for all demomakers:
     don't just talk about
       making a cool prod,
           you should act.

 (burn in hell namezero!!)