Macarona32 by Deus [web]

~ Macarona 2001

~ Now with an easy and powerfull user interface.
  And breath-taking multitasking capabilities.
  This is what you've all been waiting for.
  Take your entertainment to a new level. 
  With Macarona 2001.

~ This masterpiece of computer creativity
  would have not been possible without the 
  contributions of:

  Iczelion's Win32 assembly package,
   Hardcode's DirectX assembly package,
    the BASSMOD sound system,
     a crappy Fujitsu laptop,
      lots of iced coffee
       and of course,
        Los Del Rios' inspiring lyrics

~ We also feel this incredible urge to greet the following:
  aMUSiC,ASD,cjDib,Digital Nexus organizers,theLab
  the people behind Orange Juice, Pouet and scene.org
  Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks etc.

pEUS, when recycling is art