Forever 2e3 Second Edition Slideshow by Satantronic [web]

   Forever 2e3 Second Edition Slideshow
       copyright Satantronic 2001
date : 16.11.2001

code : Jookie / Satantronic
music: MC Laser / tSCc


- proportional text writing in realtime 
  from predefined font (this took me most
  time of coding in this slideshow  - the
  font in in planar-form and the screen is
  in planar-form - the longest part of the 
  code is extraction of character from font
  and puting it on the screen - ST 
  bitplanes SUX SUX SUX SUX!!!!)
- realtime picture depacking - I've packed
  the pictures alone (not as before - 
  not included in code and the final program
  packed (this wouldn´t work on 1MB machines
  because of lack of memory to depack the 
  whole stuff)). The pictures are packed 
  alone and then included. The depacking
  of one picture is realized just before
  it have to be shown (I used ICE-packer
  and the unice.s sources...).
- SND music... Composed by MC Laser of 
  tSCc, help with conversion to SND from
  Evil of DHS (his sources, etc.), also 
  patched version of replayrouts from him.
- very lame graphics - Satantronic is 
  missing graphician of designer.
- very lame code - heh, Im a lama-coder...
  Degubing or any other reverse engineering
  may cause a harmfull dagame to your healt.

Known bugs:
- do not try to move the mouse when the 
  text is displayed on screen. Doing this 
  10 or less seconds causes that the 
  computer freezes with many many bobms...
- there is a bad syncing on the text 
  displaying that causes blinking the texts
  color somethimes
- it doesnt work correct in MagiC 
  (something wrong with timing...). Use 
  pure TOS as I do!
- doesnt return correct colors back (and
  sometimes also resolution) on Falcon

Message to all:
This has been tested only on 1040 STE 
with 4MB RAM and on Falcon. 
Send feedback how it runs on your Atari.
Tested also on WinSTon and runed fine.

Thanx to:
 - MC Laser/tSCC - for the music
 - Evil/DHS - music conversion + help
 - -XI-/Satantronic - patching for Falcon

Greets to: MC Laser/tSCC, Evil/DHS, Baky, 
 MiKRO (let me know if you should be here)

Send greets, feedback, opinions, money, etc.
on: jookie@nextra.sk

16.11.2001, Jookie/Satantronic