Four Colour Compo by Dead Hackers Society [web]

________________ 4col intro - Dead Hackers Society _________________

                     Released -  June 5, 1999

             Small intro to present the pictures of the
                    4-colour 160*100 gfxcompo.

Hardware requirements:


 -  ST, STe, TT or Falcon

 -  1mb ram (1.5mb for Amiga)

 -  RGB, VGA or TV screen. No monosupport.

 -  It's tested with STe, Falcon and Centurbo II Falcon.


 -  Amiga OCS, ECS or AGA.
    The Amiga has to be faster than an ordinary ST to be able to
    perform at full framerate.

 -  1.5mb ram, fastram required.

 -  Tested with Amiga 2000 68030/40MHz, VGA+Flickerfixer.
    This setup performed about twice as fast as an ST.

Software requirements:


 -  None, it works with TOS, MagiC, MiNT, Geneva, NVDI,
    BlowUP, CentScreen, ScreenBlaster and so on.


 -  None, should work from most circumstances.

Known Bugs:


 -  None.


 -  At exit, the machine has lost 100k Chipmem.
    Screen is not centered correctly
    Mousepointer visible



 -  Twinsync bug on some Falcons can mess up. Run the twinsync 
    patcher and see if it helps. This only affects Falcon VGA,
    not RGB. And absolutely not ST, STe or TT. This is a hardware
    problem with Falcons, not an error of this demo.
 -  The program need 900K ram to run, I guess AUTO folder is
    the only way to get it running on 1mb machines.
 -  If ST/STe machine; run the monitor at 50Hz or it will over-
    flow 1vbl (looks crappier) and the music will play too fast.
    It came to my attention that calling the SSD replayer from
    a Timer-B interupt somehow kills the highpitch SID tones.
    So if ST/STe machine; the music is called from VBL, on
    TT's and Falcons it is placed in the mainloop (as I am sure
    it is always fast enough to complete the mainloop on
    those machines). I hope slippy (mc/animalmine) will get his
    STe soon so he can fix all SSD replay problems once and
    for all.

 -  Do not enable "Malloc-ALT" fileflag; the malloc() call is used
    to reserve ST-RAM for screenbuffers, and it must be in ST-RAM.
    The "Load-ALT" can and should be enabled if you got FastRam.

 -  On too slow Amigas, or Amigas without fastmem it might be
    very terrible.


 -  Atari Music: 

 -  Amiga Music:
    Jochen Hippel (Mad Max), Amiga/THX Conversion by Erk and Mr Tickle

 -  Font:

 -  Sid Sound Designer Replay:
    Slippy/Animal Mine (Mc), Defjam/Checkpoint, Frost/Loud
 -  THX/AHX Replay:

 -  Amiga init/exit routines:

 -  Textures/design/dhslogo/code:

 -  Pictures:
    Agent-t-, Berzerk, Britelite, Cosmosh, Dma-Sc, Havoc, Modmate,
    Paranoid, Spiny, ST Survivor, Thomas, Tito, Zoolook


 -  E-mail:

 -  Homepage:


 -  You're running this intro at your own risk. DHS cannot
    be held responsible for any software or hardware it might


 -  Do whatever you want with it. Coverdisks, CDROMS, FTP archives,
    BBSes, commercial sales... We don't care.

Last words:

 -  Alright, so this onlinecompo rocked. Hopefully the following
    one will be as good!
    Everything in the intro are 4 colours. Even the texture, font and
    intrologo. Maybe we can call it a 4-colour orgy?
    See you next time in the SSD orgy ;-)

 -  It seems that an Amiga 2000, with 68030/40MHz is about twice
    as fast as needed to run the ST things in realtime.    

 -  Higly Wanted!  SSD to THX conversion utility, or maybe a 
    SSD Amiga player.

 -  To explain why there is an Amiga file as well:
    We are currently developing a little system so amigacoders
    can program st-effects on their Amigas.
    This is a demo-system that can assemble on both the Atari
    and Amiga, with a little equ switch to toggle. This intro
    is done with a Falcon using this system. We hope to release
    it before the summer has ended. If you're interested in this,
    you're welcome to send us an e-mail with eventual questions
    or suggestions.

                     Never give up - Stay Atari!