Stonecracker v4.10.3 pro by Complex [web]


This new version is major bugfix. No big changes or improvments have done.
New much faster stc.library included!

    · Fixed some bugs:
      - When trying to save decrunched (lib)executable to a writeprotected
        disk, Stc won't crash anymore
      - Added '** StoneCracker: User aborted.. ' message, when user aborts
        single file crunching in commandline
      - If iconify fails Stc won't crash
      - Stc verified file overwriting only once with the same file. Now
        checked every time.

    · PAL/NTSC check - now larger filerequesters are possible under PAL
    · Dest dir (when presented) is also used with single file saving (huuray,
      I forgor to add this to previous version.. :(
      (Note that load/save requesters use the same filerequester)
    · Some slight modification to code.. Not visible to a user
    · New stc.library 3.322 have faster decrunchers and much faster
      crunching! Separate library for 68020/30/40 is not included!
    · Stc shows the library version it's using.


    · Explained (professional) kill system decruncher a bit better. A4
      register contains info about CPU type. See!