Darkness by NAA


Released At The JFF Convention 1998
;-) 1st place at the Demos competion ;-)

  ZooM/NAA : all the music and the original scenario (yes, there was one)
             help in some debugging, some textures also.
  Pras/NAA : hand drawn graphs
             some part of code in few effects (starfield, vortex,...)
             also some debugging (yes there were lots of errors)
  Hufo/NAA : JWorld code (graphic and system library), 3d engine code
             main and effects code (voxel, blobs, hole,...)
             and of course debugging
  MaMe/NAA : raytraced graphs

  Alfred & Guru / S2 : MIDAS Digital Sound System
  Charles Scheffold and Thomas Pytel : PMode/W

== N.A.A Crew :===============================================================
Official N.A.A Members List (in historical order):

Pseudo   Activities         e-mail

ZooM     Musician           X
Weitek   Coder, Web Master  WtkNaa@aol.com
Pras     Coder, Graphist    X
Hufo     Coder              hufo@mygale.org
MaMe     3d Artist          X

N.A.A News:

We dramatically need a graphist. If you are interested and live
near Orleans please contact us (ZooM or Hufo).

Visit our Web Site at  http:/Nothingatall.home.ml.org

PS: what "N.A.A" stands for?    -> Nothing At All     :-)

==Some Words from ZooM========================================================

 Holy shit, we dit it. After 6 months of hard work, Hours and hours of
debugging we brought u Darkness.
 For the scenario (si si il y en avait un :-) i was inspired by old Amiga
demos like Destroy Fascism, Factory, the demos of 3LE, etc. We cared about
synchronization between effects and the music, e.g the Dancing Bretzel.

 Now the Boring Stuff 8-);
   I use FT 2.08, Octamed pro V4, I.T 2.14 v3, E.T.P Turntables. I am looking
for a software that can apply good resonant filtering on samples. So if u
know of one please get in touch with me.

I want to send respect to Some Musicians and Coders:

 --Jogeir Liljedahl
 --Techno Jake
 --Dr Jekyll
 --Mr Hyde

This is it. Wanna get in touch with me, easy :     Allen BLACKWELL 
                                                   27, Rue Mgr Von Galen
                                                   45100 ORLEANS
Enorme merci … la JFF pour sa demo party, une bonne ambiance, des
organisateurs sympas,bref l'essentiel pour une demo party.

                   I hope we'll c u again fellows.

        If everything works fine we should release another demo for the
      Saturn party 98.
                                  C U SOON

== Some words from Hufo :=====================================================

  Hello to all the demoscene and especially to all hardworking coders.
  First of all I want to apologize for my bad english (I'm a coder, not a
  This is my first demo and that's why it was very hard for me to complete
the project.
  It was very long because all the code was made especially for the demo, from
the memory managment and file managment to the graphic and 3d engine.
  This projet was first planned for the LTP2 party but i've lost lots of time
trying to developpe an XM player unsuccefully :(
  But now the demo is really better than it was at the party time.
  Since then, we've been able to greatly improve all effects (in particular
voxels and blobs) and  finally to view MaMe's graph in true colors.

  The volcano is the effect I prefer because it was my idea. After
lots of month of bad green voxels I've been able to do a relatively good
volcano. During the last few days I found a trick that increased by four the
frame rate of that effect, which allowed us to greatly increase the visual
appareance more than we've expected.
  If you are interested in the technique or want to propose enhancement,
I would be really happy to be contacted.

  For this demo and for my future projects I've developped a library named
JWorld which take care of all files, keyboard, memory and graphics access.
The most developped module is the graphic one which is able to set a
standard screen (which can be accessed via direct access) in all VESA VBE
  This library is few month old and that's why it has been tested only on few
computers. So if you encounter any problems I greatly encourage you to report
them back to me.
  For the moment it is only implemented for DOS/Watcom environnement, but I
want to port it to other systems. If I can, I want to port it to DJGPP,
Unix and perhaps Win/DirectX. Thatfor, I'm looking for help (for porting and/or
improving the JWorld system).

  That's all for the moment. I expect that we should soonly release other
(better?) stuff.
  Don't hesitate to contact me (but I won't be able to access the internet
during august, sorry).
  You can visit my homepage at http://www.mygale.org/~hufo

                                               Hufo / NAA
                                               or: J‚r‚mie Allard
                                                   6 all‚e Clos du Mesnil
                                                   45590 Saint Cyr en Val


P.S: Do not hesitate to send Bug reports.

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