Suckerraper Intro by Byterapers [web] & Bloodsuckers

Byterapers, Inc. demo: Suckerraper intro
demo by Bloodsuckers & Byterapers
(c) Nov. 1991 The coop-demo made and released
in Silents-party in Alvesta/Sweden. Caused
major scrambling in Finland due the joking
scrolltexts which were suddenly taken
seriously - and a lot of groups started
making war against Bloodsuckers. While
nothing much visually, check the
scrolltexts - they're hilarious!
Code: The Wicked/BS
Music: Scy/BS
Graphics: Scy/BS
Scrollies: The Wicked/BS, Scy/BS, Grendel/(B)
Works on AGA. Has Exit.