Made of Bricks by The Red Scarves

MADE OF BRICKS a stop-motion film, made by THE RED SCARVES.

Music : 		Zefyros/Fixture
Concept,Photos : 	v3nomsoup^trs and the lovely metheara^trs

v3nomsoup at the keys:
Well, here I am at Breakpoint... it's 4:19 in the morning and the time is running out..
6 hours left until the deadline. But obviously, as you are reading this now, we made it. :-)
About the movie :
This motion film consists of ca. 2800 still images, showed at average 15fps.
The shooting of the ca. 1000 photos took us a couple of weekends,
the arranging and cutting another couple..
I just want to say that I had very much fun while making this baby, can't wait to see it on the really
fucking huge bigscreen!!
Big thanks to zefyros for his awesome music!
He wants to shout out some greetings to fixture members and TSiD.

Tools used:
Casio Exilim S-600,
Adobe Photoshop,
Monkey Jam,
some linux-cutting software.


p.s.: you can expect a version with a better image quality in the near future.. as soon as I got some sleep ;-)