Digital 2 by iq 2000 & Industry [web]

     DIGITAL II (c)1999 iq2000

codes and sounds:        gODjR

codes and conversion:  q_pLUNG

3d object and textures:   cX8x

sound assistant:         gIZZY

design and atmosphere:
              ing Van Der Tila

guest starring:
     cYBORG of iNDUSTRY - code
          Jamon of DCS - pixel
         Pain of Juice - pixel

thanks to:
   mr_W / mindnever 4 examples
          Scout / C-Lous 4 c2p
       Noah / MadVirgin 4 help
Asarhad / BA,CRSN,NA 4 picture
   ...it came to late ...sorry