126b by Noice [web]

Release info
Name: 126b
Platform: VIC-20 (unexpanded)
Release Date: 2008-08-12
Code: Andreas Gustafsson aka. Shadow/Noice

History behind this demo
So I got a VIC-20 and started to play around with it. A good start
when you don't know much about a system is to do some sizecoding
and play around with the registers!
As a C64 coder, I was intrigued by the horizontal/vertical centering
registers that the VIC-20 has, so I decided to do a little 128 byte
intro utilizing it.
I wanted to have a Noice-logo moving in a nice sine, but only managed
to optimize it down to around 160 bytes, so instead I went with 'NOC'
and landed at 126 bytes. The original version is in the 'bonus' directory
as well as a little 41-byte raster effect.
I have also included the source, ready to be assembled with Kick Assembler.

Additional thanks
Hollowman/Fairlight for the VIC-20
Slammer/Camelot for Kick Assembler 

Contact info