Haumea by Loonies [web] & TBC & Excess (pc) [web]

H a u m e a

a 4k intro for Function 2008 in Budapest, Hungary

by Loonies, TBC and Excess


Blueberry: Idea, effect code, tool
Kusma:     Modelling, design
Mentor:    Marching tetrahedra, synth
Puryx:     Music


- A Windows PC with a fast Shader Model 3.0 capable graphics card
- DirectX 9 end-user runtime from August 2008 or newer (d3dx9_39.dll)

There seems to be some problems with Radeon X1000 series cards. We
will have a look at this when we get the chance.

Some words about the code

The objects are constructed by applying a marching tetrahedra
algorithm to volumetric data produced by a texture shader.

The shadows are formed using omnidirectional (cube texture) shadow
maps. The volumetric light is rendred by tracing rays from the camera
to the surface through these shadow maps, accumulating light
intensities along the way.

The noisy look of the rendering comes partly from position dithering
in the tracing of the volumetric light, partly from jittering of the
shadow map sampling on the object surfaces to reduce shadow mapping
artifacts (more or less successfully).

All animation and timeflow of the intro is constructed using a variant
of the same intro tool we used for Candystall and Atrium.