PostShrink by Kakiarts [web]

::: PS -- PostShrink
::: world's first PostScript 4k demo
::: by KeyJ / kakiarts

OK, now here's a ... uhm ... DIFFERENT entry. It was originally made for
the vector graphics compo at tUM'05, but the compo got canceled, so don't
be surprised to see these vector graphics files in the pixel competition.

This entry is actually some kind of a demo/intro -- a PostScript file of
only 4085 bytes, containing a simple 3D engine! And I didn't even exploit
PostScript's *real*, mighty compression capabilities ...

For the non-believers, there's the complete source code in the source/
subdirectory. To compile it, you need Python >= 2.2. Simply type
"python prepost.py PostShrink.pp" to start compilation.

For the PDF fans, there's a PDF conversion available. But beware, it's
about 161k. And no, there's nothing I could do about that. PDF simply lacks
PostScript's magic ...

For those who have (access to) a PostScript printer, there's a version that
can be directly printed on A4 paper.

For those who simply want to see the "demo", there's a decent 1024x768
PNG pixel rendering.

And for the coders: I'd *really* like to see more of this sh*t in the

::: http://www.kakiarts.de/
::: <KeyJ@kakiarts.de>