Anakata by Neon [web]


    a 256b demo by insomniacúneon

    i n f o .

    the  4th dimension  is  a  undefined area  in  which objects are located
    by  four coordinates:  north/south,  east/west,  up/down  and  ana/kata.
    there are many different views of the 4th dimension. one of them is that
    the  4h coordinate  is  whatever  it needs to be to solve whatever needs
    solving  (i.e time,  etc).  another one  is that  the  4th dimension  is
    time/space  in  the sense that it controls them  (space being abstract).

    t e c h .

    2 texture-mapped, rotating tunnels with  transparency and  dual-palette.

    r e q u i r e m e n t e s .

    unfortunately,  this demo may go too fast on most machines.  so therefor
    I recommend you to run it on something slower, like a p700 or something.

    d i s c l a i m e r .

    this product is pure  neon,  and has therefor  been tested from the root
    to the fruit  by the technicians in our lab.  but should it  nevetheless
    turn out to be harmfull in any way;  neon  wont take any responsibility.

    c r e d i t s .

    insomniac@256b.com                              all programming - design