It's a little unsynced but i don't have time for this right now.
Final version compiled and linked up at 10:46am 25th dec 1999
specially for Reboot99. Here yah go, have yourselfs a blast.

Code by me, Psychic Symphony (psychic_symphony@clix.pt)
Graphics by mr.romulo, Attack (muadib@clix.pt)
Music by mr.skodvin, Xhale (xhale@planet-d.net)

Check out xhale's homepage for some audio-visual delights of design
Check our attack's homepage for a visual treat
Check out sunray because i just finished it up yesterday and it was a hell
of a fucking problem and besides, i dont have a personal homepage.. ;)

When all creatures die
I will remember you for what you did
And ignore what you have forgived
When the white light shines the sky
And all the creatures die...
                -ps (10:50am 25/12/99, just made that up.. honest!!)