Sauron 20th anniversary by Traktor [web]

                 TRAKTOR PRESENTS


A collection of demos made by sauron society in 1990, about
20 years ago. The makers of these demos are known in the demoscene,
especially Mephisto that nowadays goes by the handle Yomat / Nature. ;)

If Yomat didn't write the HOAC-demo, i would probably never started to code
assembler on the Amiga as i got my first contacts from that demo.

So this is a 20 years anniversary or something.

The demoselector (macbab) was coded live at GREP White 2009, we hope it captured
the style of early 1990 onescreen demo.

For some additional fun, open the scrollers.txt file and read all scroll-texts
from the demos.

Happy New Year!

/Olle of Traktor