Hot Affairs by Moods Plateau [web]

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       ____\//    _/____\\  \_ /  //________
      _)   \/     \       _  (_\___        /
   _ _\_   ||      \      \   /   /      _/_ _
     _ /___||______/__________\__________\ _
     \/- -diP-----------------------aSL- -\/
       M  O  O  D  S    P  L  A  T  E  A  U
       - -------------------------------- -

            [ H o t   A f f a i r s ]



                  C R E D I T S

        m s x ... psycreator  [tracks 1-6]
                  blakkhar    [track 7]
                  doc.k       [title track]

        g f x ... psycreator  [main screen]
                  moonshine   [title screen/photos]
                  dafreak     [photos/gfx]
                  d!rt!e      [photos/fonts]
                  daggi m.    [guest contribution photo]

      c o d e ... doc.k       [musicdisk engine]


             I N S T A L L A T I O N

       Before the musicdisk can be launched
           some libs must be installed.

      By clicking on the "Install Libs" icon
       all needed libs will be installed if
           they do not already exist.


           C O N F i G U R A T i O N

        With the prefs editor "Prefs" the
      musicdisk's audio and display settings
                 can be changed.


        The best resolution to watch the
       production is PAL:HighRes Interlace
        640 x 512 or PAL:HiRes 640 x 256.

       On graphics cards a resolution of
      640 x 512 with 8 bit depth should be
     used. Cybergraphics users should always
       use a full screen mode in 640 x 512
       resolution due to avoid artifacts.

       The full screen mode on voodoo gfx
       cards may be faster when using 16
           bit instead of 8 bit modes


      The sample rate should be set to lower
      values on machines with 68040 cpu and

     If there are problems with the audio try
             PAULA:14 bit audio mode.


                   L A U N C H

          The musicdisk can be started by
           clicking on the "Hot Affairs" icon.

       It is also possible to launch it from
        the "Prefs" editor program with the
                 "Launch" button.

        The settings are saved then at the
                     same time.


                O P E R A T I N G

                    · Mouse ·

           Middle uppeb buttons - skip photo
           Middle lower buttons - exit
           Right button row     - select track

                    · Keys ·

           A   - Toggle auto slide on/off
           ESC - Exit

                   · Window ·

           Menu         - Info, Exit
           Close Gadget - Exit

                 · Fullscreen ·

           Left upper corner click - Exit


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