XL Digital by Grupa Dupa

Demo: XL DIGITAL›Type: music-collection››Made in 2010 for Glucholazy Atari Party.››Music: YERZMYEY›Main code: MONO ›Digital engine code: EPI›Graphic: DELY›TXT logos: MONO› ›The demo can work on pure/stock Atari 800XL / 65XE.›However it can use also hardware-extensions, like 2 POKEYs, COVOX, additional RAM, HDD, SD and others.››***IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!***›If You have a hardware switch of 2 POKEYs, then You MUST turn STEREO *ON*!!!!!››››If You think that Atari XL/XE is good only for making synthetic music (chiptunes) - then You're very wrong. :) ›You should notice that with 4 hardware channels of sound and CPU strong enough to play digital music from POKEY chip (4-bit sound) the XL/XE can sound like Amiga. :) ›There are two important music-editors for making digital music on Atari XL/XE. The older one is PROTRACKER. The newest and the most advanced digital music editor for Atari XL/XE is NEOTRACKER by EPI. The program appeared first time in 2002 but it's still being developed and the newest version comes from 2007. It allows You to make 4-channels digital music. It can load and play MOD files however with some limitations related with original MOD format's commands. ›It works with original POKEY chip (4-bit sound) and also with a COVOX soundcard (8-bit sound). The NEOTRACKER works on Atari machines with AT LEAST 128Kb of RAM (Atari 130XE or older machines but WITH RAM expansions), however the more RAM - the better. It works with RAM expansions up to 1MB. Frequency of mixing while playing music is 11.75kHz. Until now it was possible to use actually only for 320Kb of RAM owners (well, at least 128K anyway). ›But lately - thanx to EPI - there have been added a very interesting feature to the NeoTracker related software: a player for pure Atari 800XL and Atari 65XE (64Kb of RAM, one POKEY)!! Of course to make music You still need higher configs, however if You make Your music fit in 45Kb/50Kb - it will play normally on every 64Kb Atari. ›Hence - You can use 4-channel digital music in Your own program for stock 800XL/65XE machines. Like we did in this demo. It can work on any Atari XL/XE with 64Kb of RAM and just one POKEY chip. Also it can work on better machines, with bigger RAM, HDD, two POKEYs or COVOX. ›Many thanx to EPI for his brilliant digital software (the tracker and the player), to MONO for coding the demo and the 64Kb-player's improvements and to DELY for his graphix.›