Software Make The Dance Foam Oil by Ephidrena & kvasigen [web] & Rave Network Overscan [web]

Ephidrena & Kvasigen & Rno & Cellfish
at Datastorm 2010 presented :

Software make the dance foam oil (lyrics)

Pentagon on overload
All time young electro load

Evil shaders all around

Watch the lazers pound
The people underground
Its where your bill
I guarantee your fort is found

na na nanaa na naa

Once you smell the void
Don't fuck around
It's got the beak set
Software make the dance foam oil


Densho/RNO    - graphics
Eladamri/KVG  - music
Leia/CF      - videos
Loaderror/Eph - coding / textures / lyrics
Nerve/Eph     - modelling / lyrics

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Uprough, Whelpz, Keyboarders, MFX, Mankind, Aggression,
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Aphex Twin, Sputnik, Autechre, Bjoere Haaland, Captain Walker,
Don Jon Doxy, Squarepusher, Plai.. hmmf probably more people
and you for reading down here and your mother. Dont cry we
love you too! But not as much as we love ourselves.
This needs a punchline. What do you say to a surfer before you
punch him? Surfs up pal! (stolen from Bruce Willis in last boy]