Wayne Bars (TV Noise bootblock 2) by Loonies [web] & Darklite [web]

               Loonies and Darklite present
   for the Amiga bootblock competition at DATASTORM 2012

             Wayne Bars (TV Noise bootblock 2)

                Code and design: Blueberry
                      Music: Response

I have had the idea of self-shadowing Kefrens Bars for some
time, thinking the effect would make a nice bootblock intro.
In "TV Noise bootblock", I included a hidden feature and
promised as a reward to the first person finding it the right
to decide a feature of the sequel. Wayne won the honor and
suggested to "tune up something", perhaps with a chiptune.

This intro is those two ideas combined, suitably named. :)

The bootblock is bootable and works on all Amigas.