Twelve by Orca

        In a hurry for the fans in Vikingshipet, Hamar Norway 26-30 March 1997

        code       alex
        music      tanic
        gfx        inf & icarus
        objects    icarus

        Three hectic days, too much three-d, not enough design.
        It is not easy to make a demo when only the coder is at the actual        

        All standard disclaimers apply. You know what it use to say.

        The demo should work with all memorymanagers, such as EMM386 
        and others. If it doesn't, bootup clean and try again.
        Needs about 600 kb basemem and 2 Mb powah-mem.
        contact us_     
                        page:   http://hem.passagen.se/case/
                        alex:   d96aleha@ostrabo.uddevalla.se
                        tanic:  tanic@hem.passagen.se
                        inf:    inf@tripnet.se
                        icarus: d96matfr@ostrabo.uddevalla.se

        closing words_

        greets to all our friends + everybody else we know.. 
        Net is slow, net is slow, net is slow (sung to the tune of
        'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow')
        Thanks to all the netscapers and other guys at TG for making the 
        demo almost impossible to do... :/