Sundowner by Raizor & Punqtured

A little intro for the combined demo compo at Sundown 2012.

Code/Gfx: Raizor
Music: Punqtured

Mostly party-coded on a horrible underpowered laptop that required running the intro in a window the size of a postage stamp when debugging. Party-coding is overrated! :)

Ran out of time for a greets part in intro. Thanks to everyone who helped with this, directly or indirectly: Gopher, Ferris, Rez, MrDoob, TheSavage, Hellfire and of course Punqtured for saving the day with a great tune at the last minute. 

Until the next time...


This is the 'final' version. Some bug fixes, addition of missing credits part and a few tweaks. Should work on both Nvidia and ATI systems.

Thanks for Hardy for the push :)