Essentials by Revival Studios [web]

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Title		:	Essentials
Author		:	Martijn Wenting / Revival Studios
Genre		:	Demo
System		:	ZX81 / Timex Sinclair 1000 & 1500
Date		:	7/9/2012 
Product ID	:	-

All the contents of this cart are (c)copyright 2012 Revival Studios.
The contents of the package may only be spread in its original form, and may not be published or distributed otherwise without the written permission of the authors.

The essentials demo is a nice demo for the ZX-81 and Timex Sinclair TS-1000 / TS-1500 systems, featuring Fractals and 3D Vectorballs.

Running the demo:
The demo runs on a real ZX-81 with 16kb RAM-pack
To run on emulators, it is best to use the EightyOne emulator.

Load using : LOAD "" (J-key and """)  

Programming and design by: Martijn Wenting

This package can be freely distributed in its original form.
The ROM image can not be included on multicarts or other packages without written permission.

This demo is currently not available on tape but freely available for download at www.revival-studios.com. 
If you are interested in my other work for the ZX81 or other platforms like the Colecovision, Videopac,Vectrex,etc.
then please check out the website at: www.revival-studios.com . Here you can also purchase newly developed games on tape or cartridge.

Watch out for more releases soon!

	Martijn Wenting / Revival Studios