Party Cannon by Digital Sounds System

| P A R T Y   C A N N O N |

Right, quick & dirty info file here, as always.

Place the entire dir anywhere on your machine,
Then load it with:

/load -rs \path\to\partycannon.mrc\

And then run it with:

/partycannon fs



(depending on wether or not you want it to run full screen).

and don't forget to move the mouse cursor out of the 


It is *EXTREMELY* reccomended you use mIRC 6.35!
Newer versions (namely 7.xx) is quite a bit slower
due to added unicode support, or some shit like that.

Full credits:

All code by knoeki, apart from the vector diamonds,
which were written by Skomp.
Originally Visy was supposed to write some parts too,
but the only part he wrote didn't really fit in

All originally drawn pony overlay graphics by RbR.
All other gfx by Knoeki, except the pony sprite
animations, which were taken from the Desktop Ponies
project, as is allowed as long as they are credited.

Music by Knoeki. Sorry for using the same old progressions
for the millionth time (:


As for the IRC relay in the preloader, it assumes you're
currently connected to a network and on a channel called
#revision - if you wish to change this, dive into the code.