Jam by universe [web]

                        J     .     A     .     M


                             U.N.I.V.E.R.S.E                the read me

                          presented at the RTSY

      Lazy coder:       Crisot
      Lazy graphicians: Crisot, Molotov
      Lazy musician:    Molotov
      Lazy designers:   Crisot, Sephiroth, Molotov

* Hardware requirement:

      696 Ko of Chip
      7,2 Mo of Fast

      This demo can run on a LC68020, but nerver try to run it on something
   less than a 68040/25, even a 68030/50, because of very intense CpuCache
   activity. (optmised for 4Ko ICache)
   Run at good speed on 68040/40

      If you only have 8 Mo, you can depack the demo using PowerPacker.
   In this case the demo will only use 4,9 Mo of Fast

      The faster the better

* System requirement:

   A Pal AGA Workbench
   A Tv supporting Ntsc (but your workbench really need to be in Pal)

* Brain requirement (not included)

      A good brain supporting slow routines and horrible effects.
   I'am probably a vey bad coder... (En fait Molotov n'a pas arretté de me
   gueuler après cause j'ai rien foutu ;)