Farmsong 2010 by Erect

README for Farmsong 2010 by Erect, releaed 15th Feb 2014

You know the drill by now: 

Real hardware:
- Load .reu file with 1541 Ultimate or Chameleon (for 1541 Ultimate 1 use
  either v2 Firmware or the patched BluREU v1 one!)
- Load .prg
- Run
- Enjoy! Happy fapping!

- Attach REU-file in VICE in Settings / Cartridge/IO settings / REU settings 
  or the Resource Inspector (Mac). Set REU size to 16MB. Be careful not to
  overwrite it with a newly created empty file, better edit the path instead of
  browsing for it!)
- Check "Save settings on exit" in Settings if you want to save yourself the 
  hassle next time
- Load .prg
- Run
- Enjoy! Happy fapping!