Mille e non piu mille by Spyral


þ Legal stuff þ
This program can be freely copied and distributed. Anyhow this is a SPYRAL
production, and you're not allowed to change the executable file. SPYRAL is
not responsable for any kind of damage resulting from the proper or improper
use of that production.

þ The credits þ

	Aki		-	3d object.
	Dr.Kappa	-	3d engine, firevoxel, idea, text.
	FBY		-	Module.
	Pando		-	Fonts.
	Rasky		-	Voxel engine, final fixings.

þ Sorry.... þ
This release was dealyed just because our contribution to mekka/symposium was
not bugfixed. In fact we coded almost everything in the partyplace, so we
couldn't fix bugs. Now it's time to release that production, even if the code 
IS NOT SO CLEAN, and at the end music re-starts (that's not a bug, but it's
not so cool).

þ Problems þ
You souldn't have memory problems... if you have memory problems please try
to make a clean boot or at least try to uninstall boring TSRs. No problems
with windows encountered. After firevoxel wait a bit for the greeting part.
The mask is Phong shaded, not Gouraud shaded. There is not a small highlight
just because of the strange mask made by aki.... it's not my fault...

þ What MILLE E NON PIU' MILLE means.... þ
MILLE E NON PIU' MILLE is an old Italian prophecy stating there has been a
millennium, but there will not be another one. We tried to make a symbolic
intro. Let's explain what we wanted to tell thee:
The mask thou see coming represent ourselves. That mask rotates following a
precise path. In fact the mask just wants to show itself. It wants to be 
admired by everyone, just as a lot of stupid people around the world. When
there is a big flash, the text MILLE E NON PIU' MILLE disappears leaving a hole
into the wall behind the mask. The font used for that text was obviously 2d,
but seemed to be 3d. That means thou must verify everything, thou mustn't
trust what religions tell thee.
Then, the mask rotates around every axis but around it there is nothing. That
means the mask doesn't follow the path anymore and it's following its own will.
The next step is the fly over mountains. This is linked to Plato's tale about
men in the caves. In fact the mask now is free, free to flight towards the sun,
towards the real knowledge, the knowlegde of goodness and fairness, the supreme
knowledge that everything burns....

þ Mekka/Symposium þ
We want to thank the following people:
ALL DEATHSTAR GUYS AT MEKKA/SYMPOSIUM (Thank you for the support!!), Wally &
Pan (I'm sorry for your 32kb game....), Nabo (THANK YOU FOR THE INFINITE 
MORAL SUPPORT!!!!!!!!), SuperKeyby (The Trip DISORGANIZER!!!! =))))))))))) ),
DIXAN (CoF rulez!!) and every nice people that have shared with us 3 dramatic
party days....

þ Greetings þ
6502 (Thank you for downloading Mille e non piu' mille pre-release...),
Matley/TBT (You're nice.... =) ), Enfis (keep on coding!!!), Mod/DEATHSTAR
(Infinite support...), CDS/DEATHSTAR (Really kewl 3d engine....), Phoenix/SK
(I want to see your demo!!!!! Please start coding it... =) ), Pan/SK (W la
figa e chi la CASTIGA!!!), TBT demogroup, Jova/TBT ( What do you will release
at TIG'97?? ),Feymour/TQL (I want to see move-up!) and everyone we forgot...

Dr.Kappa just wants to send a very very special greet to LadyJane.....

þ SPYRAL Productions þ
SPYRAL is a goup created one year ago. These are our productions.

	ISENGARD BBSTRO		- Code: Dr.Kappa. 1996 Bytes BBSTRO.
	255LUMPS		- Code: Dr.Kappa. 256 Bytes intro compo WINNER.
	J256			- Code: Rasky. 5th in 256 Bytes intro compo.
	HNY-1997		- Code: Dr.Kappa. Music:FBY. Happy new year
				  1997 intro. SB and nosound versions.
	VOXEL979		- Code: Dr.Kappa. 979 Bytes intro made for
				  Dr.Kappa's 18th birthday.
	MILLE E NON PIU' MILLE  - 7th Place at MEKKA/SYMPOSIUM 1997 64KB compo.

And even a 4kb intro, called BLUE WEIRDNESS, coded by Dr.Kappa before
joining SPYRAL, but now almost unavailaible....

þ SPYRAL HQs and Distsites þ

	The Hobbit BBS		Italian	Distsite	+39-81-5563352
	Look BBS		Polish	Distsite	+48-94-415621

Obviously we are looking for other distsites and HQs...

þ SPYRAL contacts þ
If thou want to contact us use these adresses:

For DEMOS (or related stuff as Distsites):

	Lorenzo Meciani (Dr.Kappa)
	Via Sicilia 6
	50145 Florence



For everything but DEMOS (for example GAMES):

	Giovanni Bajo (Rasky)
	Via Allori 36
	50145 Florence





þ Final words þ
Nothing more to say.... stay tuned and enjoy upcoming SPYRAL productions!!!!