JetPets by Lunaticats [web]

JetPets - Lunaticats
Code: Feryx   -Feryx@lunaticats.com
Draw/Animations/Idea: Lucille  -Lucille@lunaticats.com
Team Contact: -Team@lunaticats.com
The Music:
"From First to Last" was remixed / performed by:
SIDrip Alliance.
Original Commodore 64 tunes were composed by:
Anthony Lees
Ben Daglish
Matt Gray
Reyn Ouwehand
(c) High Technology Publishing Ltd.
This game is a freeware product.
For: Function Demoparty Gamedev'Compo 2014.
“Audio Engine : FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies”
By: 2014 Lunaticats www.Lunaticats.com

Cnoving problems/errors: 
the game optimalized 1280x720 / 1920x1080 
if you have texture errors alt+enter 
to quit from the full screen and work