The I-wish-I'd-had-the-time-for-an-ending-scroller text:

 Thanks for watching my first demo!
 The result of 3 months trying to learn OpenGL, stupidly flipping sign bits and
 changing winding order until something appears on the screen.

 Massive shout to Dascon and Triace of Desire for making a great track for a
 stranger with only a few days notice, and whoever created wanted.scene.org
 allowing me to get in touch with them. Without that this demo would not have

 It's not finished, but I finally learned what a deadline is. And that you
 should never sync to music by peppering hardcoded timestamps all over your
 source code...

 See you at the next NVScene!

 Greetings to all the groups that inspired me over the years:

 Andromeda, Conspiracy, Fairlight, Kewlers, Still, Traction.
 Calodox, Halcyon, Haujobb, Pulse, Replay, Sunflower.
 Andromeda, Fairlight, Kefrens, Melon Dezign, Pigmy Projects, Virtual Dreams.

 Tech support:

 Probably only works on NVidia, has not been tested on anything else. Right now
 I have no idea what's involved porting to AMD, if anything, but I may
 investigate this for the 'final' version.
 If you have issues please send me the console output via email.

 The code is probably slow. Deadlines. I will likely optimize when I release the
 Mac port in a few weeks.