Lambo by Genesis Project [web]

Release info
Name: Lambo / Genesis Project
Platform: Sega Master System
Release Date: 2015-04-04
Release Party: Revision 2015
Code: Shadow
Graphics: illmidus
Music: Nightbeat
Graphics editor: Bob
Tracker by: Martin Konrad

How to run it
This demo requires a PAL Sega Master System running at 50 Hz.

For that extra glorious viewing experience, be sure to use a CRT TV
with an RF cable, and turn up the volume!

Use your favourite flash cart and enjoy the show!

If you're gonna go the emulator route, we prefer MEKA. Just remember
to configure it properly for 50 hz. If you get jerky motion, you
need to dive into the config file and tweak.

Emulators tend to ignore the border for some reason.

Huge greet to Mogwai from illmidus for fixing my broken C64s!
Greetings and thanks to SMS Power forum members from Shadow.