ambush by Enenzi

 so, it's my first 4kb intro called "ambush".
 it was coded in one night, so it's not very exciting.
 you can see there only some effects like voxel space, texture mapping and
 lame zoom rotator based on plasma. i tried to put here environment mapping on 
 torus, but after compilation 4kb size-limit was passed, so i had to stay
 with old effects...zoom rotator hee hee...lame isn't it?
 i created this about one week before gravity'96. At the beginning
 i hadn't this intro in my plans. i was preparing to code a demo for
 general probe 3, but nothing was done. yesterday I got a letter with
 invitation for gravity'96 and i decided to do something. only 4kb-intro
 could be done, because i hadn't to much time, so i put my fingers at
 keyboard and that's all...
 now, i don't know to much about fate of this intro. I won't go to opole
 myself, so i'll send disk with intro to my friend REM/DL and probably
 he'll deliver this shitty intro to party's organizers...
 this intro was coded at my 486dx4 with slow vga card, so please not to test 
 this at slower machines. thanks...and special greets for all my contax, 
 even those, who makes long delays.