Isayaijstydk by Myopath Crew

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║                   Myopath Crew - August 1997                   ║
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Hi !!!!!!!!!!!

A few words about the demo...

Why :
     Humm, because !
     Last year at the Place To Be 4, I said that I'd code a demo for
the P2B5, so I had to do it !
     So, here is it ... That's all I could make. Sorry !

Once upon a time ...
     I began coding the demo in about January (1997). I coded the map
distortion (in fact 2D mapping).
     Then, by coding from time to time, I managed to make the double
star-tunnel, having stolen the distort. map to Gary / MentasM, who
laugh at me, as usual. (Thanx Seb)
     During february holidays, I coded the poor dot tunnel that my sister
can make in in basic.
     Then I started coding Gillian Anderson's head distortion. It's, as you
noticed, 2D morphed squared mapping.
     Last but not least, at the end of July, after long sleeping period,
I coded all the rest, coz I had to finish before august 14 !
     As I tested all my effects with the Lizardking music, I asked him
if I could keep this tune. He just answered he would be glad if I used it !
(please kneel in front of the master of the musical scene ...)
     There is, it made that you saw or that you're going to see !

How :
     All code done in Watcom 10.6 under EOS 3.02.
     Just one or two small routines (mainly video ones) made in ASM.
     This demo needs a VESA 2.0 compliant video card. That's why it doesn't
work with standard cards. However, if your card is an S3 (like mine), I
gave the driver with one you can emulate 2.0. You just have to launch,
before launching the demo, S3VBE20 LINEAR+ VBE+, and it will work !
Or else, it should work on all PCs with UNIVBE.
     When I'm typing this text (3:30 AM ...), I only have tested the demo
on GUS, SB, and without sound card. All of these are OK.
     As all the effects are synchro on the music, and as the coder is useless,
if you got a slow PC (under P133), some effects may be cutted before their
natural deaths ... Sorry again !
     The demo lasts about 3 mins.
     That's all for the how.

The rest :
     THANKS AGAIN !!!!! to Lizardking (I should say it a million times ...)
     What else ... Yea, as you could see, the whole demo is in english,
and that for personnal reasons ... (not to be in :) )
     There is an hidden part !!! Well, OK, that's only a writer... but well.
Just for fun !
     If you wanna know how to see it, you'll have to ask very gently ...
Or find by yourself (how savage you are !)

Myopath Crew :
     The crew, if you don't know it yet, has made 2 demos (with that one)
and an intro. At the beginning, 4 coders.
     Right now, officially, we're 4 coders (not the same ones than the group
creators...), a musician/graphist and a graphist.
     In fact, only one coder is active -> ME ! But well, I don't blame you
guys, don't be angry ;)

     You can reach me there :

        Cyrille CLAUSTRE (Skyman)
        48, route de Bergerac
        33220 PINEUILH

     or by E-Mail :


That's all folks, see you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye.