First Demo by I.C.Empire

[I.C.E. - First demo / Party invitation]

Demo from my lamergroup preserved by the excellent folks at Janeway.
Nostalgia deluxe :)

(not going to redo the Ascii logo from my party poster cos it's not worth it :)

Code: Photon / I.C.E.
Graphics: Photon (+ famous King Tut from Dpaint and font by Kara)
Music: Photon

The music is a remake of the Soldier of Light title music by Uncle Art. Very 
catchy at the time, even if the game was quite, quite horrible. :)


* 8px 3bpl sine-scroller-in-scroller
* playfield shananigans with gratuitous plots to fill the void and as diversion
* non-cookie-cut-bobs (a la Leonard) to fill rastertime, with an elastic flair.
* oh, and equalizers. Because equalizers. Probably inspired by Tai-Pan.

The intelligent viewer will deduce from the left border that I coded this while
owning a non overscan capable TV. ;)