Golden Wing by CopperSky

GOLDEN WING (CopperSky, 2017)
  This is the 'Capacitor Party 2017' version. Final version coming soon...

  Minimum requirements
    - Amiga 500 with 512 Kb chip + 512 Kb slow RAM.
    - The game has to be run from a shell window (no floppy support in this version).
    - Code: Fernando Cabrera
    - Graphics: Toni Gálvez
    - Music: DJ METUNE & Estrayk
    - Testing: Víctor Henares.

    - Destroy all enemies to move to the next level.
    - Controls:
      - Joystick left or right to rotate the ship, up to accelerate and first button to fire gun.
    - There are 4 types of power-ups:
      - S: speed-up, increases your ship's speed and removes inertia.
      - SH: shield, makes your ship undestroyable for a few seconds.
      - B: bomb, one hit for every enemy on the screeen.
      - X: extra life.