P O S L E D N I    @    SYNDEECATE'02         which was held         ▐▀▀▀▀▀▌
  ---------------         -------------         --------------------   ▐ █▀▌ ▌
  cathegory: demo         shown:    (5)         where:    Roznov pod   ▐ █ █ ▌
  platform:    PC         ranked:   7th                    Radhostem   ▐ █▄▌ ▌
  ---------------         out of:    11               Czech republic   ▐  ▄  ▌
   code:  carlos         average:2.517         when:                  ▐ █ █ ▌
   music:    b73         in:   1.0-5.0               16-18 Aug 2002   ▐ █ █ ▌
  ---------------         -------------         --------------------   ▐  ▀  ▌
                                                                       ▐ ▌ ▐ ▌
  recommended                                               techspec   ▐ ▌█▐ ▌
  -----------                                               --------   ▐ █▀█ ▌
  PII/Celeron/K7 @ 300MHz+            target:  DOS, 32-bit protected   ▐ ▄ ▄ ▌
  6 MB RAM                            needs: Extended Memory Manager   ▐ ▌▌█ ▌
  VESA BIOS EXTENTION ver. 2.0+              for DPMI function 0800h   ▐ ▌▐█ ▌
  soundcard (SB prefered)                        Linear Frame Buffer   ▐▄▄▄▄▄▌
                                                                       ▐█▄ ▄█▌
  greetings                                                            ▐██ ██▌
  ---------                                                            ▐██ ██▌
  downtown broncs movsd peon lithe.lewd.leyman terror.opera marshals   ▐██▀██▌
  kosicky.vyber the.blue.biscuits insomnia ddt satori clrsrc u-chill   ▐█ █ █▌
  insider.tradings 3sc vectors 7.gods osiris syky.pictures pipkasoft   ▐█ █ █▌
  greenroom nah.kolor exceed suburban farb.rausch tpolm suspend f.lo   ▐██▄██▌
  d.ment redox zden shakul frohikey raist black.ds thorm baze raster   ▐█▐█▌█▌
  flash doga panter jezeq kenny mata noro lahve efka dairos spool el   ▐█▐ ▌█▌
                                                                       ▐█ ▄ █▌
  big thanx                                                            ▐█▀█▀█▌
  ---------                                                            ▐█▐▐ █▌
  nula - who kinly lend me his monitor for finishing this demo         ▐█▐▌ █▌
  bass - Syndeecate organizer who let me to finish it at partyplace    ▐█████▌

  this demo was written in TMT Pascal and compiled into DOS target
  and uses the Useless Sound System by Freddy/Useless (TMT port by LoSV)
  which supports all SoundBlaster cards, GUS/IW cards and nosound.
  i've used/modified/adjusted/customized certain GIF loader routine, so
  credits go to Sverre Huseby, Sergei Ruzsayev and Compuserve
  all binary files including music module are organized in "big file", v.1.0

  how to run
  this demo should work fine if you boot to clean DOS only with HIMEM.SYS
  and your soundcard driver. pass setting-up your soundcard and (optionally)
  run the exe with -? to be prompted for attributes of your sound output

  something beyond
  some 5, 6 years ago, someone sent a module called "posledni.xm" (english for
  "last.xm") into Pareniste, issue #35 (cs diskmag, extinct nowadays).
  in the sample info of this module there was only: "POSLEDNI 3:18, b73"
  and that's everything i got know about the person he (or she) did the track.
  although it's not the best tune i've ever heard it has imho very interesting
  atmosphere. when i was listening to it that time it wasn't difficult to
  keep one's fantazy going and what i've imagined was moreless same as
  what you now can see in the demo. i wouldn't propably succeed to seek
  and contact b73 nowadays (don't suppose he or she tracks or reads
  diskmags focused onto demoscene and/or tracking yet), but if he or she
  reads these lines by incredible likelihood, i would like him or her to
  email me how he or she likes it and what's his or her opinion to it.
  what else? two last years i made only small intros and because of them
  i didn't find time to code something bigger ie demo, so now i've
  "payed-back" it to myself :) anyway - feeling fine when contributing demo
  even after four sleepless days and nights. for me it worths it and just
  hope you thing so, too.
  p.s. if you ask of the gfx so the photos are simply taken from internet
  (and a bit remastered by me) and that childish hand-drawn and watercolor-
  painted graphics is my guilty too :)
  don't let get yourself abomined by this...
  p.p.s. sorry for all you had to do to run this demo - i'll improve it