Comadose by Passion

                              -= COMADOSE =-

                            Additional credits:

                   Env-texture...........Dune / Stellar
                   Second ENV-object........Tudor / TBL
                   ENV-part Background..........Prowler

      Fixed version without replay-bugs WILL be released here at tp5.

Personal greets from Boogeyman goes to:

Subject / Passion	- Håber at de små ændringer i modulet er ok..
Bird / Rebels
Antibyte / Scoopex
Rubberduck, Tudor / TBL     - thanks for the object....
Tim / SpaceBalls
Tactica, Mickey / Puzzle
Nose, Daeron     	- thanks for the texture...
Celtic / Smellon 	- Sorry for the delay... I WILL send soon....
Greg / ex-TRSI   	- Same as above...   :)
* / Passion                 - 0hh....  HEJ!

Sum words about 'ComaDose' from the author...

I sure did have nice plans with this one...    Where did they go?
Well, either I realised they were impossible (for me :) to make, or
they simply looked too slow on a plain a1200, which I didn't wanna leave
out this time... (still havent seen 'Vacation2', eh pearl ?-) hehe.. get
sum FAST so we can all move on... ). So I kinda put myself between
two chairs (0hh... mellem to stole :) by neither making one of these
complex 3d-shows which dominated most recent parties, nor a nice
little smooth thingie which runs at optimum speed on an unexpanded a1200..
*SIGH*...   Well, I hope ya find it enjoyable nevertheless...