Min Sys Req PAL* AMIGA CD32

Two cd32 joypads - pad sharing:
Player 1 and 2 play on d-pad and player 3 and 4 use red/blue/green/yellow buttons same as if they were d-pad.
Player jumps by pressing the direction button depending on the side that it is facing.
Reverse button - back to title screen
Play button - pause

If you have a keyboard, player 3 and 4 can use wsad+LAlt and arrows+RAlt

If the lower player joins the game automaticaly, UNPLUG THE MOUSE from port 1 or in winuae select none right on a start before you start emulating!

Title screen:
On Title Screen you can select two types of game by moving the joystick in port 2 up or down and pressing fire.
You can set the duration of the match by moving joystick left or right.

2x2 - two players are positioned at the top and two at the bottom of the screen. They play in co-op mode and their points are added up. At the start only two players are initialised. The other two players will appear if they jump. 

4x4**(NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS DEMO)- each player is positioned at his own side of the screen. 1 point goes to the player that was last to hit the ball before it went out of the screen. -1 point goes to the player in front of the side of the screen where the ball went out. Points don't go below zero. 	

At the start players are controlled by CPU until a player jumps.

There's gravity towards the centre of the screen which is unnoticeable at the start but slowly increases.

The Saucer is revolving in random directions around the center of the screen and can also bounce the ball. It slowly aproaches the center of the screen as the gravity gets stronger until it's caught at the center. 

There are 4 boxes on the screen and 4 types of boxes wich are chosen randomly.

Box with a gap - takes only one hit to be broken and doesn't bring anything,
Pink??? box - takes two hits to be broken - turns off the screen for a second.
Green box - takes two hits to be broken - slows down all players for 5 seconds except the one who was last to hit the box.
Blue box - takes two hits to be broken - freezes all players for 3 seconds except the one who was last to hit the box.

When all 4 boxes are broken after a short period they will reapear.

If you are moving or jumping, part of your acceleration will be passed to the ball thus the angle and the speed of the bounced ball will be changed.

*Game works on NTSC but screen is simply too small thus score panel won't be visiable.

** Due to time constrains and the dead line of the RetroKomp 2018 4x4 mode isn't finished yet. If you select it on a title screen it'll load 2x2.