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I was going to prepare something in good time.. well, then there was
no time. Then I was going to prepare this in in the train to Tampere
well before the party. Well, it sort of didn't happen. Code at the
partyplace? Not so easy.. but remotely possible, it seems. So here it
is: an entry for the sake of having an entry. Once again.

Author:     qma

            ("The Old Dude" for Instanssi folk, Paavo Nieminen
            <paavo.j.nieminen@jyu.fi> in the daily life)

Techniques: Javascript, WebGL, SoundBox, Closure Compiler, Pnginator,
            GNU toolchain, Emacs

This production uses the SoundBox synthesizer tracker:
(http://sb.bitsnbites.eu/). The playback library is not reproduced in
my source code repository, but must be downloaded separately.