Surrealism by Andromeda [web]

Description: Surrealism by Andromeda (Amiga)
Keywords: amiga demo
Author: unknown
Uploader: okarlsen@krs.hiagder.no (Ole I. Karlsen - Hydra/Andromeda)
Uploaded-to: ftp.funet.fi (22 Jun 1995)

Surrealism is a demonstration developed for the Amiga computer by Andromeda.
It should work on most Amiga-models, including those with the AGA chipset.
But please notice that it is necessary to disable the AGA chipset, if your
Amiga has one installed.

General information about Surrealism

Release date	: March 1993
Code		: Mr. Hyde
Graphics	: Archmage & Duel
Music		: Interphace

Get in touch with Andromeda at:

Andromeda WHQ
Giskeheia 8
4640 S°gne

- Hydra of Andromeda